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Connecting Usersnap with Bitbucket Issues

If you are using Bitbucket for development, you can connect Usersnap directly to Bitbucket and get Usersnap feedbacks and screenshots delivered into Bitbucket issues.

bitbucket bug tracking

You need to sign in at Bitbucket and grant Usersnap access as shown below.

bitbucket integration usersnap

After you have successfully authorized Usersnap to connect to your Bitbucket account, select your desired Bitbucket repository. Usersnap supports both user and team repositories. You can select the priority (default=major) and type (default=bug). If you want that your issues have a prefix you can optionally add a subject prefix.

Optionally, you can set a default assignee, a milestone, a version or even components here.

bitbucket integration usersnap

Below you can see an example task in your selected repository. The Usersnap screenshot is attached automatically to the Bitbucket issue!

bitbucket integration usersnap

Let's connect and get in touch!