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Connecting Usersnap with Assembla

Connecting Usersnap with Assembla is easy. You can send bug reports and screenshots created with the Usersnap feedback widget directly to your Assembla projects.

Here's how it works.

  1. Login to your Usersnap account
  2. Go to your project settings. In the 3rd party integration tab you can select Assembla:
  3. assembla settings
  4. You can now press the Connect now button
  5. A new window will pop up asking you to login to your Assembla account (or to create a new Assembla account)
  6. Assembla integration from Usersnap
  7. After a successful login, you can now adjust the Assembla settings
  8. Assembla integration from Usersnap

You can decide on which Space the tickets and bug reports should be sent to. You can also add a priority and a default assignee for those tickets.

After adjusting those settings, you can test the Assemla integration and save your settings.

Assembla integration from Usersnap

And you're done. That's everything you need in order to get started with the Assembla integration from Usersnap.

Below you can see an example screenshot from Usersnap delivered to Assembla.

Assembla integration from Usersnap

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