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Every little secret about Usersnap

Connecting Usersnap with activeCollab

Usersnap integrates with both, activeCollab installed on premise and online with Please enable API Support for your activeCollab user. To do so, on your profile page, click on options and choose API Subscriptions. Then create a new API Subscription (just enter Usersnap for the Client Name):

activecollab integration usersnap

On the API Subscription's detail page, you will see an API URL and an API token.
The URL looks like, the token will look like 1-cqR1e1nYIe5PJsABAB3p6N01WSWi2KWqMb9CgYP6v. Back in the Usersnap project settings, enter the API URL and the issued API token:

activecollab integration

After a successful connect, you can select your activeCollab project, your desired category, milestone, label, assignee and priority of newly created tickets. This will help you to structure your feedback.

activecollab integration

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