Youtube’s Feedback Button vs. Usersnap

ask website visitors for feedback

It has been announced that YouTube gets another new layout and as always, YouTube offers a feedback button on the bottom right corner to collect textual and visual feedback from their visitors, which is an extremely good idea.

YouTube’s feedback system on the test bed

Clicking on the YouTube feedback button displays a text-box and you will be asked to describe your feedback in your own words. After that you can highlight important areas in your browser and blackout private information:

The Youtube feedback process with a highlighting tool and a blackout tool
The Youtube feedback process with a highlighting tool and a blackout tool

After that you get a summary and a preview of your feedback including the attached screenshot, which looks like the image below – obviously all images are missing.

YouTube's captured screen
YouTube’s screen capturing result

Same game, now with Usersnap

We wanted to know if we could beat this and mocked up the same situation with Usersnap. Below there is again a screenshot taken during the feedback process:

Mocked-up Usersnap on Youtube
Mocked-up Usersnap on Youtube

And here is the result from Usersnap:

The captured screen by Usersnap
The captured screen by Usersnap

Ready for your own test ride?

Usersnap works on all major browsers and can be easily installed on your own website – give it a try! It integrates well with a range of third party applications and can be configured extensively.

If you have any questions, leave a comment – we’re happy to hear your thoughts.