It’s time to say “Thank you”

Thank you from Usersnap

As you’ve read in our last blogpost about the story of growing Usersnap, the current times are quite exciting for us. We’d like to take this opportunity of Thanksgiving and stop for a minute.

Done is better than perfect

Always moving forward and growing fast means accelerating the speed of your product improvements. As Ben Barry, a designer at Facebook, states “Done is better than perfect”, we try to pursue our passion for building great stuff. However, sometimes you just have to stop and look inward. Although our Usersnap team + a lot of our customers live outside of the U.S., we’d like to use the time around Thanksgiving as an opportunity to say thank you.

The last weeks & months have been exciting for us and a lot of people around us have taken an important part in our journey of growing Usersnap. In the mid of November we were extremely thrilled about being mentioned on as one of the European Startups to watch. Thank you Alison Coleman for the great article!

Further on, being mentioned as the “clear winner” in an awesome article about “bug reporting tools for developers” on made us super-happy! Thank you Dominik Rockenschaub & the whole Six Revisions crew for being so nice to us.

Besides the increasing media attention Usersnap is gaining, we are extremely proud of having such great customers on board. Thanks to every one of you for being so awesome & helping us to get Usersnap out there.

Building sustainable partnerships

Big thanks to all of our integration partners for building great products & establishing such great relationships.

Getting first-hand feedback from people using Usersnap is one of the most important things for us. Building the next generation of bug tracking tools can sometimes be hard, but receiving awesome feedback from our customers makes everything worth it. Below you can find some excerpts from people using Usersnap. Thank you guys for every single line you’ve sent us – you’re just amazing!

Loving Usersnap, and so is my company. Thanks for making such a great tool!
– Nik (

The feature I like the most is when Im reporting a bug I feel like a Dade Murphy from a movie “Hackers” (yes the one with young Angelina Jolie 😉 – it’s just quick point up, note, send and then it starts. Of course in dev department but still, it makes my work, a bit more TV style 😉
– Karol (Arena Sp. z o.o.)

I love the easy integration into other applications like Slack.
– Patrick (Trading Technologies)

There is a fight in our office between the environment feature or the screen shot with edit capabilities.
– Christine (DIVVY HQ)

The great Basecamp integration, without a doubt. It means our workflow is made much better thanks to the power of Usersnap screenshots and debug info, but not any more complex for us and our clients. Total WIN.
– Nicolas (Walking Men)

The features for snapping user feedback are excellent but add to that the ability to integrate with 3rd party api’s and you’ve got yourself a winner!

– Laurent (IJsfontein)


We could go on and on with your awesome feedback and as mentioned above it really makes us proud building a product people actually like. As this blogpost is about saying thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey so far, we conclude with a huge THANK YOU!


PS: Stay tuned for further Usersnap product updates in the next weeks 😉

This article was brought to you by Usersnap – a visual bug tracking and screenshot tool for every web project.