Meet the team: CPO Josef Trauner

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Josef is co-founder & CPO at Usersnap and runs the development- and product-side. Before founding Usersnap Josef worked on various tech- and web projects, starting his first business right out of high school. Being co-founder and CPO we sat down with Josef to talk about his life and daily habits.

Meet the team and community is a series introducing our team and the Usersnap community. You’ll get new insights about the life and work of us Usersnapians and might discover new glimpses on the latest technologies.

Hi Josef, what does a typical day look like?

After arriving in the office around 7.30-8.30am, I kick off the day by a quick email check and a planning session for the day (I use the Eisenhower matrix to do that).

At 9 am we have a daily standup meeting with the entire product team. After that, I might have other meetings, or I might work on some new prototypes. During the day I always try to speak with everyone in the office for at least a few minutes, which helps me to stay up-to-date with what’s going on with everyone. Depending on my schedule and my meetings it varies when I leave the office every night.

When you founded Usersnap, what were the early days like?

The idea for Usersnap came up when I was working on a web development project for a customer. When our customer started reporting bugs, we faced many challenges when trying to describe verbally where these bugs were happening. That’s when we decided to build a solution that enables visual communication and makes bug reporting much easier.

The early days were very different, though, from what it’s like to work at Usersnap today. Like every startup, we had limited resources in the beginning and had to do everything by ourselves from programming to marketing and sales.

It’s good to be at least a tiny bit naive when you start with a startup. If you would think about all those things that could happen, you would probably never start anything 😉

Can you give us some insights on the tech stack of Usersnap?

We are using Python for the backend and running all the services on Amazon AWS. Within AWS we are using MongoDB for the database, RabbitMQ for the queuing system and load balancers from AWS to be super high scalable.

In the frontend, we are using HTML5+CSS3+Javascript within AngularJS. We are using web sockets to communicate in real time. To learn more about our stack, I’d recommend to check out this article on how we built our SaaS app.

You are known for your sunny personality and you know how to tell a joke? Anything you would like to share?

I know it’s a super geeky joke and only for tech people but: I was gonna tell you guys a joke about UDP, but you might not get it. 😉

And last but not least…

  • If you would not have started Usersnap, what would you be doing today?
    Hopeful another startup, because I really love what I do now!
  • How would you describe Usersnap in one word?
    An amazing opportunity to build the future of communication!
  • Your favorite emoji?
  • Your favorite Spotify playlist?
    Really???? 😉
  • Curry or Pasta? Pasta.