When we started Usersnap we wanted to help people in Web Development and Design to focus on the more important stuff in life than handling endless Email support conversations. That’s why we are starting a new series in our blog, called “Picture My Work”. In this series we ask designers and web devs to give us a little sneak peak into their daily work routines, their values, their tools and what they like / dislike about their work.

I am thrilled to kick off this series with Gregory Koberger, formerly at Mozilla, who recently published his Startup Notes, a beautiful, concise summary of the YCombinator Startup School 2013. You should follow him on Twitter: @gkoberger

1. Tell us about your work in 140 characters.
I’m a programmer-turned-designer who uses design as a way to make the content more accessible.

2. What is good design for you personally?

It’s common knowledge: in a startup, you are your first customer. You are the first one eating your cooking – and unless you have some secret product-guy super powers it will taste like dog food. Dogfooding is a great way to get an idea of how your customer will perceive your product. Using your own software on a day to day basis takes you a long way finding the most important product improvements.

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