Dublin Web Summit 2013; straight from the developer stage

With a 7 track conference it can be fairly hard to choose the ‘right’ talks. After an exhausting exhibition day on Wednesday, I really needed some peace and quiet. Coincidentally the Developer Stage was situated in a bat cave kinda tent. A recap from my Day 2 at the Web Summit (thank you Usersnap, for bringing me along!:

In Practicing Failure: Gamedays on the Obama Campaign, Dylan Richard explained how he got his team (40 technical people) ready for the event if technology fails. Some semantics; the 2012 re-election IT team worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, owned 300 repo’s, used 300 servers and catered to 1 million volunteers and 8000 staff members.

“Technology does not win an election, but you can lose because of it.” Dylan figured he needed to learn to deal with failure. “Looking at a community app, if everything falls apart but users can still communicate, you’re probably doing alright.” Suggesting that you might not know what matters, Dylan recommends talking with your stakeholders and ‘do less things, better’. Continue Reading “Dublin Web Summit 2013; straight from the developer stage”