We are excited to announce that Usersnap now supports 4k ultra high definition screens when it comes to capturing and displaying screenshots. This means if you are the proud owner of one of those shiny quad full HD displays, we can cope with your high resolution and we produce Retina* screen captures.

The Opportunity

Retina/HiDPI displays (and all future high resolution screens) are designed to reduce eyestrain and should lead to more reading. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen praised the Retina iPad’s display for its more enjoyable user experience, highlighting the ‘crispness’ of typography. What does one do with the significant amount of more pixels per inch? Very little, looking at the benefits for an average consumer. For (web) designers however, it makes the difference between something looking good and it being absolutely pixel perfect.

Digital agencies:
Streamline your client approval process

Let clients draw directly in the browser.
Fix bugs in minutes with screenshot & metadata.
Trusted by 1000+ customers worldwide.