Nikolaus Diemannsberger: “I don´t use Photoshop much”

When we started Usersnap we wanted to help people in Web Development and Design to focus on the more important stuff in life than handling endless Email support conversations. That’s why we are starting a new series in our blog, called “Picture My Work”. In this series we ask designers and web devs to give us a little sneak peak into their daily work routines, their values, their tools and what they like / dislike about their work.

This is the third post in this series and we asked Nikolaus Diemannsberger, a freelance designer that worked on automotive projects, apps and recently banking applications for his set of answers. Follow him on Twitter: @n1k0l0 or see more of his work.

1. Tell us about your work in 140 characters.
I am working in the overlapping fields of information architecture, interaction and user interface design and craft meaningful experiences. Continue Reading “Nikolaus Diemannsberger: “I don´t use Photoshop much””