6 Secrets of Improving Customer Experience with Customer Centric Copywriting

Why do brands compete to shout “customer centric”? Today, customers want more from brands.  

They look beyond the products and, recently, the focus on customer experience has become more accentuated.

Writing catchy copies for your marketing campaigns to grab the attention of your consumers is definitely important. But many marketers have forgotten about writing copies to show customer centricity and improve customer experience.

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6 proven ways to boost customer happiness

Finding bugs in your product is part for your customer’s journey. A stable product means happier users and less user tension. But there’s more to making customers happy than having a bug-free product. This is where customer success comes in.

The term customer success was coined only in recent years but it is already big with SaaS companies in the Valley. The idea is that making sure your customers are successful ensures a higher customer LTV (Lifetime Value), reduces churn and boosts your NPS (Net Promoter Score).

At Server Density, we think about customer success a lot. Here are 6 things we do to ensure our customers are happy and making the most of our product.

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