The Customer Feedback Inbox: All Your Problems in One Place. And Solved.

If you’re reading this post, there’s a decent chance you’re distracted by the fact that dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of users are currently trying to tell you something. 

And if you’re like most product managers, they’re telling you all of that important feedback in different, hard-to-reach places. 

The biggest pain of managing customer feedback is categorizing the feedback and getting an overview of the gathered insights. 

We know how valuable feedback is to your product development process.

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10 Ways to Utilize Customer Advocacy in Your Business

No matter what type of business you’re in, you have to deal with customers.

They are, after all, the foundation of your business, without which you would have no business at all. Putting a heavy focus on customer needs will help you in many ways, one of which is to create strong customer advocacy.

According to Harvard Business School Press, just a 12% increase in customer advocacy can bring 200% growth in revenue for companies.

So how do you build up customer advocacy? How do you use it to its full potential?

Here are 10 ways to use customer advocacy in your business, Let’s go.

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