More women in tech – one PyLadies workshop at a time

Last Saturday the Viennese chapter of the international movement Pyladies kicked off what will become a series of meetups, with a beginners workshop to Python. PyLadies aims to provide a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python world. Why? Well, because we’d like to see more diversity in the tech world, and with only 17% (and declining!) of the industries jobs filled by women, we have a long way to go!  That’s why anyone with an interest in Python was encouraged to participate (and yes, that means guys too). The attendees (both students and coaches) dragged friends, boyfriends, husbands and family members along for a day of coding bliss at Sektor5.

Both because part of the Usersnap team holds office at Sektor5, and because we’re proud Pythonista’s ourselves, we were happy to (co)sponsor this event. Being one of the organizers this post might turn out a bit biased, but we really had a lot of fun. And I think we learned heaps about where to improve for a next edition!

We started at half past ten, going through the Python track on Codecademy (who happily supported the event). With so many people interested in coaching (the Python community in Vienna rocks!), more advanced attendees could ask very specific questions and we saw a lot of one-on-one coaching sessions. Continue Reading “More women in tech – one PyLadies workshop at a time”