Meet fellow startupers from all over Europe. Every Friday. Online!


It all started a few weeks ago when we were having our Friday online standup.

Our Perg team opened a couple of beers to celebrate a really hard week. During this meeting the idea came up – why don’t we create an event where people like us – startupers, can grab a beer (or juice) and share some moments from their week – ideas, troubles, little victories or just get in touch with fellow colleagues.

This is how StartupBeer was born.

We even got this nice domain name!

We’ve created a simple website to be a starting point for everyone interested in growing and having fun – one hour per week: startupbeer.me


What’s in it for you?

Well, we’ve said it before, but here it is in a bullet-point format:

  •  Meet fellow startupers from Europe without leaving your office/co-working space or accelerator.
  •  Connect with really interesting people online – every week.
  •  Share your success, share your stories, share your failures, get help and advices.
  •  From time to time even learn something new from our special guests.
  •  Have fun

Who can attend?

Any startuper who is OK with the timezone. It’s 04:00pm (CEST) and with the following rules:

  • Beer is not mandatory
  • Be nice!
  • No ads!
  • No salesy stuff!
  • Speak in English!
  • Have fun!
  • It’s an open space – do not expect a schedule or program.

How can I attend?

It’s free and it’s every week – learn more by visiting the fancy url of ours – startupbeer.me

Please share this article and the url with fellow startupers. Let’s make a crowd:

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