How to collect feedback from your website in Evernote

A couple of weeks ago we were playing around with the famous web clipper from Evernote. The Evernote web clipper is a browser extension which lets you clip web pages directly to Evernote. Kasey Fleisher Hickey wrote a nice summary and gave some ideas on how to use the web clipper most efficiently here: Quick Tip: Remember Everything You See on the Web

While discussing the best use cases of the web clipper, the following idea came to our mind: Why not have a “shared” web clipper where visitors of a website can easily leave visual feedback which is then collected in an Evernote-notebook? This would be an easy and efficient way to collect customer feedback! Also, this might be very useful if you want someone else clip something for you, e.g. a typo on your blog.

A word and a blow.

Talk is cheap, so we started building the missing link between Usersnap and Evernote: You can now choose “Evernote” as the way your screenshots will be delivered from your sites. Usersnap automatically creates a notebook in your Evernote account where all feedbacks are conveniently stored. Curious? Here’s an excellent place to learn more: http://www.usersnap.com/evernote. If you like video tutorials, let’s go for a 2min introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckLCLNdMsMM

Some friends pushed us to submit this idea to this year’s Evernote Devcup, a developer competition. Apart from a panel voting, there’s also “The People’s Choice Award”, if you like the idea please vote for us and spread the word! There’s a 24h voting period, so come back regulary!

How do you organize feedback from your visitors? Share how you manage it in the comments.