Eric Meyer: we’ve got the solution for your problem!

Eric Meyer, a renown web consultant, wrote a post on the problem of receiving and processing feedback on his own blog, meyerweb.com, and highlighting small things like typos on other blogs, without writing lengthy emails. “As I was reading an article with a few scattered apostrophe errors, I wished that I could highlight each one, hit a report button, and know that the author had been notified of the errors so that they could fix them.  No requirement to leave a comment chastising them for bad grammar, replete with lots of textual context so they could find the errors. (…)”

As we get this a lot, we thought we’d write a blog post on how to use Usersnap for your CMS.

Responding to a few of Meyer’s ideas on how a feedback plugin (as he calls it) should behave like:

  • “Visitors highlight a typo and click a button to report it. Or else click a button to start reporting, highlight a word, and click again to submit. (…)”After you signed up for our free 42 days trial and embedded our code snippet in your website, you and your readers are good to go. Usersnap enables your readers to communicate visually. They can draw, place sticky notes and highlight important areas – directly in their browser. Usersnap adds valuable meta-information (think: browser and operating system specifics) to each feedback.Using WordPress? Our plugin for WordPress helps you to get feedback on your site(s). We wrote a little something on how to set up Usersnap for your WordPress site earlier today.
  • “The author gets notice whenever an error is reported, (…)”Setting up your account you can either list an email address as the place you want to use to collect user feedback…

    … or use Basecamp, Evernote or one of our other integrations, you might already have those in place for your website or group blog.

We think Usersnap might just be exactly the feedback plugin Eric Meyer describes in his blogpost and we can’t wait to hear his feedback!

We invite you to try out our service for free. Sign up for our 15-days trial program!