Eat your own dogfood!

Our dogfood. Usersnap in action.

It’s common knowledge: in a startup, you are your first customer. You are the first one eating your cooking – and unless you have some secret product-guy super powers it will taste like dog food. Dogfooding is a great way to get an idea of how your customer will perceive your product. Using your own software on a day to day basis takes you a long way finding the most important product improvements.

We used usersnap from day 1 for internal projects and when we decided to go live with usersnap.com, we put the usersnap-button on our site to provide a live-demo of all features. We expected that people would just play around with the tool but what happened was that we got real feedback! (What a surprise for a feedback button!).

Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

We learned a lot about how usersnap.com is seen by our visitors. You get fresh views on your own product which are invaluable. People told us what they liked, what they didn’t understand and how they would change it. The most important point here is: They did this just minutes after their first impression with our site. No one of your team will ever have this fresh view.

Based on the collected screenshots we are currently reworking our site and we are very excited to get new feedback!

Give it a try!

Use the feedback button on the right corner! Mark typos! Place some sticky notes and tell me what you think!