Developers Will Never Need To Leave Vim Again.

To be honest it all started as a joke when this tweet became one of the most popular in the IT world. I am sure you know it:

The problem

The truth is everybody needs to do multitasking today. The real cost of it  is hidden, but you’ll definitely lose at least 40% of your productivity if you are constantly switching between apps. Let’s try and do some other stuff in between. 🙂

40%: This is too much!

The solution

Developers keep on switching between their editors, emails and bug trackers. What if you can get bug reports right where you will fix them? Imagine the immediate gain in productivity!

What I am talking about, huh?

Imagine you find a typo on your web app…. (Beware of the tigre)

The vim style

We will definitely deliver this report directly to an email or to your favorite bug tracking platform. This is out of the question.

What happens after we deliver the bug report? Why should your developer/QA switch to the bug tracker for this easy report? Right? Why do we have to loose time?

Here comes Usersnap vim style

As you know, GitHub supports the zen writing mode and so does WordPress. That’s why we at Usersnap decided to introduce the vim-mode.

Your devs will never need to close vim again and not because of the *crappy* reason from the tweet above, but because the reports are delivered directly into your git repository and developers can open it with their vim while doing other important stuff. How cool is that?

Yes, we can convert every HTML5 website into a plain ascii file like this one:  Wanna try it?

the real vim-mode

Oh, there is more. We are even working on awesome color support using a special (auto created) source highlighting profile for vim. See the magic here:

the real vim mode with color

Did you like it? Of coure you do.

There’s even more!

Thinking about the business guys (COO/CTO combination), who most probably don’t have a clue what is a vim. We are introducing Excel support: never leave your spreadsheet for a short verification of the bug report.

the Excel mode

I like it, what to do now?

  • Ready to dig deeper and get a free vim and/or Excel mode enabled for you and your teams?
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