What is the common thing between the Visual Design Thinking and GitHub Issues?

At first glance – nothing. These are the names of two of our upcoming live webinars. Yes, Usersap goes live, together with a bunch of awesome people.

How are we different?

Well most of the companies that do webinars are really boring, right? Talking about what is in their heads, without thinking about the rest of the audience.

  1. Our events will not be the salesy stuff you think about when you hear a webinar.
  2. There will be an open Q/A session and you can ask the speakers anything (on the topic)
  3. From time to time even we will do un-conference or BOF sessions, where you can be the presenter.

Not enough?

Join any of our upcoming events and have fun with us and … actually learn something new, not just the “usual” stuff you can find everywhere.

See you!

This article was brought to you by Usersnap – a visual bug tracking and screenshot tool for every web project.

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