eBook – How to Build Products Users Love (with Trello, Prezi, Automattic, etc)

When building a product one often wants to provide a solution to a real problem. But that is rarely sufficient to develop an enjoyable product which users can’t stop thinking about.

Here is where user testing comes in. By involving users in the product development process, companies can incorporate feedback in every product development stage.

In this article, we want to give you an introduction on what user testing is and why it is necessary. For an in-depth exploration of the topic, please see our ebook on “How to build products users love”. Happy reading!

What Is User Testing and Why Is It Necessary?

User testing is conducted in order to find out which problems users are facing, what features could be added or if the product is easy and enjoyable to use. It can be conducted in different stages of product development and/or launch.

User testing can show issues or bad user experience and helps alleviate these problems before the launch. Even though user testing can be costly, it can save resources later on.

How Does User Testing Work?

Planning user testing thoroughly can make the difference between identifying real product issues and spending resources in vain. Product managers should prepare user testing well in advance, as there are many methods available which depend on the number of testers and on remote or in-person testing.

To provide a proper overview of what user testing is and how it works, we’ve published an eBook that contains in-depth information and best practices of user testing. We talk about why designing experiences is more important than designing products. And we bring you 6 expert interviews from thought leaders in the industry.

What’s Inside?book_03

  • How to plan and optimize user testing
  • The consumer adoption process
  • Experience vs. product design
  • Cognitive psychology 101 for user testing
  • Popular user testing methods
  • Best practices from Fortune 500 companies




Expert Interviews

Amanda Richardson, VP of Product at HotelTonight

Callie Wheeler, Product Manager at Prezi

Justin Gallagher, VP of Product at Trello

Leif Singer, Engagement Wrangler at Automattic

Thomas Schranz, Founder & CEO at Blossom

Miloš Lalić, Head of Product at Typeform

Download the eBook and find out how user testing can help your company launch better products and provide better experiences!