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With April 1st just around the corner, we already managed to get through the first three months of 2016. If you’re like me, you probably are looking for new things to learn and new people to meet.

Conferences are a good way to catch up with new trends, meet thought leaders, and think about ways to improve your daily work.

The following is by far a complete overview, but rather a somewhat personal compilation of interesting conferences in the next months (in chronological order).

Let us know if you have found this to be helpful and tell us about your experiences, if you go to one of these conferences.

Businesses today have myriad possibilities to improve their conversion rates. It starts with an appealing web designs and includes various inbound marketing activities as well as excellent customer care.

In this article, we explain why you should integrate bug tracking into your workflow in order to increase leads and conversions. So let’s get started!