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Get screenshots and bug reports attached to your Asana tasks with the visual bug tracker integration from Usersnap. Try Asana with Usersnap.

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Why connect Asana with a bug tracker?

Best Asana bug tracking integration

Usersnap makes bug tracking easy and collecting feedback professional. Bug tracking and giving feedback with the Asana integration from Usersnap was never easier.

Always up-to-date inside Asana

Once connected Usersnap with Asana, we send bug reports and screenshots to your Asana projects.

All tasks and bugs
in one place

Receive helpful meta information automatically inside Asana - the home base of your designers, developers and project managers.

Why you need screenshots & bug reports inside Asana?

bug tracker

The Usersnap integration for Asana allows you to discuss screens and find solutions together. Discuss mockups and sketches. Annotate them and push them back to Asana.

See advanced client-side JavaScript errors and XHR Logs and browse them. With the visual bug tracker you get bug reports with advanced client-side JavaScript errors. Usersnap records JavaScript errors as they happened, along with other information needed.


With the Asana bug tracker integration from Usersnap you get extended information about the user's session: OS, browser version, screen and browser size and installed plugins. You can see browser specific issues immediately in your Asana projects.

highlight feature from snagit alternative


Pen feature for snagit alternative


create notes with snagit alternative


create blackouts with the snagit alternative


use arrows and annotate screenshots


use a pixel ruler with snagit alternative

Pixel Ruler

create comments with snagit alternative from Usersnap


What others say about the bug tracking integration!

Why Usersnap & Asana are the perfect match!

  • Stephen Sinclair

    The response with my current clients has been overwhelming!

    I particularly appreciate your connection with Asana that is my main project management system.

    Stephen Sinclair (Web Developer asitemade4u.com)
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  • Behnaz Babazadeh

    We love how easy it was to install Usersnap in our product.

    Getting detailed, visual feedback has eliminated confusion and streamlined our QA process so that bugs and design feedback are tracked to the right person. We even created a Slack channel so the whole team can follow feedback without filling up our inboxes

    Behnaz Babazadeh (Senior Interaction Designer AddThis)
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  • Robert Klausner

    We use Usersnap for our e-commerce platform veneerworld.com.
    Collecting feedback and creating screenshots is simple and we get invaluable insights from our customers.

    We also use it to collect ideas - the immediate possibility to place notes is very helpful for this.

    Robert Klausner (Head of IT J.u.A. Frischeis GmbH)
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  • Andre LeFort

    Usersnap has completely revolutionized how we do user feedback and quality assurance testing.
    Our process used to be painful, inconsistent and too often we'd be left guessing what the issue really was. Now we don't guess at all. We get all the browser vitals, a nice browser screenshot and a contact email address to follow-up with.

    Andre LeFort (tbkCreative)
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