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Try one of the best alternatives to Redmine and gather screenshots and annotate screens with the visual bug tracking tool from Usersnap.

Usersnap in action

Using Usersnap as a Redmine alternative

Redmine is a popular open source bug tracking & project management application. It has a broad range of features, such as issue tracking, project wikis and forums.

So why look for an alternative?
First, Redmine's user interface is not very user-friendly. It requires some comprehensive skill set to optimize and modify the Redmine interface for your needs.

Second, Redmine is an enterprise system offering you wikis, forums, and other features.

As a small to mid-sized business, using Redmine might just be an overhead. Especially if you just look for an easy-to-use bug tracking system.

Third, if you want to customize Redmine, even when it's a minor modification, get ready to spend a few hours inside Redmine adjusting various settings.

If you are looking for a Redmine alternative, Usersnap (QA) is an ideal replacement.

Redmine Pros
→ Great system for large teams & enterprises
→ Comprehensive modifications & customizations
→ Open source community

Redmine Cons
→ Great investment & commitment up-front
→ Comprehensive customization
→ Not SMB-friendly
→ No screen capture feature

Why Usersnap is better than Redmine

Annotated screenshots

Screenshots with comments

Let your testers add comments, annotations and even draw on your websites and give their feedback as it happens. It's so easy, you don't even have to explain how it works.

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Metadata ready at disposal

URL, browser info, javascript errors and other details your developers need but users don't pay attention to are automatically fetched.

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Annotated screenshots

Comparison Redmine vs. Usersnap


  • → Open source
  • → Project & issue tracking features
  • → Custom filters & search queries
  • → Customizable workflows
  • → Third party integrations


  • → Free for 15 days
  • → Project & issue tracking features
  • → Custom filters & search queries
  • → Customizable workflows
  • → Third party integrations
  • → Screen capture feature
  • → Simple usage for non-developers
  • → User feedback widget

Why people use the Redmine alternative from Usersnap?

Streamline your issue tracking with Usersnap

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