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Using Usersnap Classic as an InVision alternative

InVision is one of the most popular prototyping and design feedback tools. And it offers a lot of great features (such as visual feedback on new design drafts). So why look for an alternative? First, it's main and only focus is on design feedback. If you like to get design feedback on HTML prototypes or websites, InVision is not the right solution. Second, InVision is great for design feedback if you use Photoshop or Sketch. However, if you'd like to connect your design drafts with your prototypes and get user feedback from other departments as well, InVision might not be the right choice. If you are looking for an InVision alternative, Usersnap Classic is an ideal replacement. Here's a detailed feature comparison between the two:


99$ for 5 team members

Upload mockups and design drafts

agile project boards

Multi-language support

6 integration

Usersnap Classic

$69 for 10 team members

Upload mockups and design drafts

agile project boards

User testing of prototypes & websites

Screenshots of your users

Multi-language support

25+ integration

InVision Pros

  • Great feedback tool for design teams
  • Easy design presentation
  • Design feedback & sharing

InVision Cons

  • Design-focused only
  • No prototyping on websites
  • No integration for development teams

Usersnap Classic Pros

  • Great system for small- & mid-sized teams
  • Easy setup & simple to use user feedback
  • User screenshots
  • Additional information to every feedback

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